With such an abundance of wildlife in New Zealand, those that want to enjoy it should take the time to plan their trip well.

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The first thing to determine is what type of wildlife are you intent on seeing. Among the many choices is to go swimming with dolphins. If this is going to be your choice, then you will need to book a tour that will allow for this.

Book Your Accommodation

Booking your tour is only one part of the trip. You are going to need to book your accommodation. Also, keep in mind, that you are going to also want some time to yourself during this trip.

Preparing for the Dolphin Swim

You are going to want to have some warm clothes to wear, especially after the swim. Most of the tour companies will provide wetsuits for those who are participating in the dolphin swim. Another way you may have to get prepared, on this particular tour, is to learn the basics of swimming. Although the wetsuits do provide some buoyancy, individuals participating in the dolphin adventure do need some swimming skills. They have to be able to make it back to the ladders on the boat.

Other Nature Activities

The nature activities are full of fun and adventure, but they can be exhausting. So you may want to plan for one every couple of days, and not try to do one each day. There are dozens of things to see and do while in New Zealand, and having some diversity in your activities will make your trip more pleasant and will add to your experience.