Many countries have sevImage result for Hamilton’s Frogeral different species of frogs. In New Zealand, one that is quite popular is Hamilton’s Frog, but it has become an endangered species.

What does Hamilton’s Frog Look Like

What makes this frog special compared to many other types is that it does not have web feet. It has a V-shaped head and it has no tail. Also, it has round pupils in its eyes which make it different than many other species.

Where the Hamilton Frogs Live

Native to New Zealand they are found in the vicinity of Marlborough Sounds or Stephens Island. They like to be near rocks where moisture is also present. This allows them to find the type of food they like which is flies, moths, worms, and spiders. They are also known to feed off each other.

Threats to Hamilton’s Frogs

Humans are one of the major threats to this species through poaching and the black market. Pollution is also another danger to it. They also fall prey to many other animals because of their size. The pollution is threatening their food sources. This, in turn, is affecting their ability to breed. All of these threats are what is bumping Hamilton’s Frogs into the endangered species category.

Interesting Characteristics

Aside from not having webbed feet and having round pupils, there are some other interesting characteristics of Hamilton’s Frog. It got its name from being named after Harold Hamilton. These frogs don’t croak as most frogs do. Also, it is a priority for them to stay damp because if they become dry it will cost them their lives.

While not everyone enjoys the look of frogs they like every other species serve a purpose and they deserve to be preserved as they are part of the natural habitat of New Zealand. Leaving them alone in their natural habitat is one simple way of preserving them.