With New Zealand being so rich with natural wildlife it is a big adventure for tourists and residents to be able to view many different species in their natural habitat. Being as the habitat can differ between the species nature enthusiasts do need some limited equipment to do so safely.

ClothingRelated image

No, we’re not talking about clothing that you use to dress up your character in an online simulation game to wow the fashion police. For those going on a nature excursion in New Zealand, the most important clothing for them is going to be the clothing that they are going to wear. The first thing you need to know is what is the season going to be in the region of New Zealand that you are going on your wildlife tour. It can vary dramatically from one region to another. The further South you travel in New Zealand the colder it will become.

Also what kind of wildlife adventure you are going to embark upon will also dictate what you should wear. For example, if you are going on a trek through one of New Zealand’s forests then you will want to wear light clothing, have a hat, and also a good pair of hiking boots, along with a well stocked but light to carry a backpack.

For whale watching depending on the weather, you will want to dress light but take along a light sweater or jacket if you are going on one of the boat tours to experience this. Then of course if you are going to swim with the dolphins you will want your swim attire.

Other Equipment

You are going to want to capture each adventure you experience so you are going to want a pair of binoculars in some instances. But, in almost all cases you will want your camera. In these circumstances, your iPhone camera may just not be enough to do justice to what you are able to capture on camera.