One may think that with there being so much wildlife in New Zealand there would be plenty of wildlife hospitals to take care of hurt animals and different species. However, this is not the case and it was only recently that a new and very important one opened up to fill this much-needed resource for wildlife.

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Many don’t realize that although animals might be different in many respects from human beings the medical care of them demands access to much of the common types of equipment that one would find in a human hospital. They need to be administered anesthetics if they are going to have surgery. They may need oxygen. They need intervenous fluids and they need a comfortable and safe area to recuperate in, just as humans need hospital beds. All of this cost money and for this new wildlife hospital, for example, it is totally dependent on donations and volunteers to keep it functional.

Caring for Wildlife

Medical care for wildlife is far different than caring for domestic animals. Even going beyond the exotic animal care. Many of the domestic vets do not provide care to exotic animals. Also, exotic animal vet care is not totally dedicated to wildlife care. Using the exotic animals being cared for are in the captivity of humans.

Wildlife care is a specialty of its own. Special equipment is sometimes needed for the capturing of hurt or sick animals and different species. The goal is to create as little trauma as possible while the animals are in the care of a wildlife medical team. The right type of equipment goes a long way in helping to make the entire health care process much easier.

The right equipment can make a big difference as to whether the animal will survive its injury or illness.